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Wine storage

Sub-Zero wine storage units are more than a cooler, but also designed to preserve wines in terms of complexity, character, and taste.

Simple steps to customize ideal Sub-Zero model


Wine Storage

Sub-Zero wine storage units are more than just coolers; they are guardians against heat, humidity, vibration, and light—the four enemies that can rob wine of its complexity, character, and taste. Featuring wine cellars and fridges, Sub-Zero meticulously crafts custom wine storage options to safeguard your precious vintages and enhance your wine experience in Hong Kong.


Simple steps to find your ideal custom wine storage

Selecting the perfect custom wine storage unit to integrate into your environment requires deep thought and understanding of a few key factors. With the many options available, you can customize your wine storage to fit your style, space, and, of course, your extensive wine collection.


Choose freestanding or built-in. Column or undercounter. Over-and-under along with refrigerator and/or freezer drawers.



Enjoy flexibility in wine storage unit widths (46 cm, 61 cm, 76 cm) as well as bottle capacity (46 to 147).



Stainless vs. custom panel-ready options: Select the classic, clean look of stainless steel or custom panels for your wine storage unit, so that it can coordinate with existing cabinetry.


Wine cellars and fridges of distinctive Sub-Zero styles


Sub-Zero's diverse array of wine storage units are designed to accommodate your unique taste and requirements. Choose from a variety of wine cellars and fridges that can effortlessly blend into your kitchen or home environment from Sub-Zero, facilitating a harmonious marriage of function and design that elevates your wine collection both inside and out.

Classic Wine Storage

Encapsulating a traditional aesthetic with high-end functionalities. Sub-Zero’s classic wine storages provide two independent temperature zones with controlled humidity, offering optimal bottle preservation

Designer Wine Storage

A seamless appearance that conveys contemporary elegance. Sub-Zero's designer wine storage units are available in taller sizes and undercounter models. Equipped with an illuminated display rack showcasing your prized wine bottles, they are versatile enough to accommodate different bottle sizes, with options for custom front panels and hardware to provide endless design possibilities.

Start searching Sub-Zero for your ideal custom wine storage system

Search the complete Sub-Zero lines to find the ideal wine storage system that best serves the custom needs and design of your space.

Substance with the style

NASA Technology

Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas, a natural compound that hastens spoilage. Sub-Zero refrigerators come with a NASA endorsed air purification system that scrubs the air of ethylene and odor every 20 minutes.

Dual Refrigeration

This technology pioneered by Sub-Zero features two separate cooling systems. Fresh food stays fresher in the cool, moist air of the refrigerator, while frigid, dry air prevents frost and freezer burn in the freezer – optimum preservation conditions for each type of food.


The state-of-the-art microprocessor preserves your food by adjusting to your individual climate and schedule. It continuously monitors each section of your Sub-Zero for pinpoint climate control, so foods are kept at their ideal temperature, varying by less than one degree of your set point.


Built with premium-grade materials, Sub-Zero products are designed to last a minimum of 20 years. Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and products are 100% tested before shipping.