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Full-size refrigeration and Sub-Zero styles

Sub-Zero refrigeration units are more than a refrigerrtor, to preserve perfect freshness, but also designed to fit any spae and enhance kitchen decorations.

Simple steps to customize ideal Sub-Zero model

Sub-Zero styles


Full-Size Refrigeration

A Sub-Zero full-size food preservation system is more than a refrigerator. It is a tribute to fresh, delicious food. With a vast selection of customizable full-size designs, widths, and styles, Sub-Zero units are designed to serve the needs of any space and enhance any décor. Whether a sleek stainless steel fridge or a custom-made, panel-ready freezer, we provide premium refrigeration options to elevate your kitchen experience in Hong Kong.

Pros of a Custom Refrigerator

A custom Sub-Zero refrigerator is a distinctive blend of design, functionality, and compatibility that goes beyond being just an appliance.

Unique Aesthetics /h2>

The stylistic flexibility of a Sub-Zero custom refrigerator can encompass any design preference. Turn heads with the bold, professional Pro Series, enjoy a minimalistic look with the Classic Series, or discover a beautifully smooth finish with the Designer Series. All options offer a high-end, sleek, and trendy appearance that will breathe new life into your kitchen area.

Customizable Measurements

Whether tasked with filling an expansive area or integrating into a smaller unit, Sub-Zero custom refrigerators offer customizable widths alongside various layouts. They are available in side-by-side, over-and-under, all-refrigerator, or all-freezer styles to cater to distinct preferences.

Harmonious Integration

Ranging from timeless stainless steel to personalized panels, Sub-Zero custom refrigerators are formulated to blend with your existing kitchen cabinetry perfectly. This not only contributes to a unified kitchen environment but also frees up more space.

Follow our simple steps to your ideal Sub-Zero model.

Navigating the realm of luxury refrigeration has never been easier. Here we guide you through crafting your ideal culinary space with Sub-Zero refrigeration units. By selecting the best blend of style, functionality, and aesthetics, we ensure seamless integration of a full-size refrigerator or freezer with your kitchen décor.



Design a room where refrigeration stands out with professional and classic series or, if you prefer, blends in with our designer series.




Maximize any space with the slimmest 46 cm units or indulge with the unit combinations that span up to 198 cm wide.




Pick your full-size unit ranging from side-by-side, over-and-under, all-refrigerator, all-freezer, and French door styles.




Select from a clean stainless steel look, custom panels to a panel-ready option for the refrigerator to coordinate with kitchen cabinetry.


Start searching Sub-Zero for your ideal refrigerator

Search the complete Sub-Zero & Wolf lines to find the ideal refrigerator models that best facilitate the custom needs and design of your space.

Refrigerators in distinctive Sub-Zero styles

Filled with unique aesthetic experiences, Sub-Zero presents refrigerators in several distinctive styles. From the bold, professional allure of the Pro Series to the signature design elements of the Classic Series, and the fluid, tailored elegance of the Designer Series, Sub-Zero caters to diverse tastes and kitchen designs with meticulous attention to detail and customizable features.