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Sub-Zero & Wolf provides the best kitchen appliances including cooktops and refrigerators from Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking.

Live well with Sub-Zero & Wolf deliciously.

You are invited to discover the Sub-Zero and Wolf Flagship Showroom.

We believe that a life lived well is a life lived deliciously

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Welcome to Sub-Zero & Wolf — the world's finest cooking and cooling appliances for your home and kitchen. From the first toast to the final bite, relish every moment and meal with Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking.

Discover Premium Kitchen Appliances in the Sub-Zero & Wolf Flagship Showroom

Start getting inspiration for the perfect kitchen at the Sub-Zero & Wolf flagship showroom in Hong Kong. More than just an ordinary shopping trip, we help you realize your dream kitchen through an immersive and unique experience. Our dedicated consultants are on hand to guide you throughout your project, helping you discover what your kitchen might feel and look like in a relaxed yet stimulating environment. Explore a stunning array of custom-made refrigeration options and premium cooking appliances. With live chef-led demonstrations, you will surely find the ideal fit for your kitchen and home. Come and experience the possibilities with us.

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Mastering the art of food preservation and redefining kitchen design, Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances incorporate advanced technology and embody innovation. Impeccably constructed with premium-grade materials in our Wisconsin and Arizona facilities, these appliances are built to last, underpinned by lifetime support for absolute dependability. Experience reliability, aesthetics, and lasting performance.

With NASA-endorsed technology and dual refrigeration systems to ensure optimal freshness and precise temperature control, Sub-Zero products are crafted from premium materials for 20 years of durability, redefining kitchen appliances, and merging food preservation with timeless design for a worthwhile investment.

Experience the mastery of meal creation with Wolf's superior appliances. Celebrated for their professional heritage, innovative design, and exquisite craftsmanship, Wolf introduced high-performing kitchen tools that excel in heat control and offer robust capabilities, such as the market's strongest wok burner. With Wolf, the artistry of cooking is at your fingertips.


Icons of design and paragons of performance, Sub-Zero & Wolf are refrigeration and cooking appliances found in the world's most luxurious homes. We are dedicated to helping you create the functional, flexible, and beautiful kitchen of your dreams. Offering an array of high-quality home appliances, including integrated refrigeration, pro ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, and outdoor kitchen equipment, Sub-Zero & Wolf enriches your culinary experiences and elevates your kitchen aesthetics. Our commitment extends beyond products — we prioritize exceptional customer service with a network of authorized dealers, installers, and service providers. Together, Sub-Zero & Wolf are committed to delivering functional elegance and impressive performance to your home kitchen.