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76 cm M Series Professional Speed Oven



76 cm M Series Professional Speed Oven

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  • Rigorously tested for decades of use
  • Exceptional support from our Customer Care team
  • Combines microwave, convection, and grill technologies to provide all-in-one oven versatility
  • Assures predictably delicious results with 10 microwave power levels, convenient quick-start modes,
  • Provides more cooking power than a traditional microwave with the help of convection and grill
  • Fits a 33x23cm pan in the 46 L capacity, stainless-steel interior
  • Frees up counter space with efficient drop-down door design
  • Micro Bake and Micro Roast modes reduce or completely eliminate preheat times
  • Coordinates with other Wolf built-in ovens and appliances with various handle and trim options

Technical Specifications:

  • Shipping Weight: 48 kg
  • Star-K Certified: Yes