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Design Resources

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Kitchen Design Contest

Product Specifications And Guides

Quickly access a comprehensive collection of product specifications, design guides, and other resources.Search by model or serial number or product name (for example: “ICBBI-36” or “M Series”).To browse all product specifications, visit our Specifications Library.

Assemble Quick Reference Guide


Effortlessly create custom information for your clients and partners. Select your custom suite of products then tailor the collection with high-level product details and product specifications. This tool makes it easy to share, save, and edit your information.

Installation Video

Glean valuable information when preparing for a seamless installation with the help of these animated, step-by-step video guides.


Future Product Updates

As you work with clients or customers in the months to come, you'll want to stay updated on when the newest Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products will be available. This is the place to do it – check below for estimated consumer availability dates on upcoming products.

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