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Wolf griddle cleaing instructions

Wolf griddle quick start and care


Wolf Griddle Cleaning Instructions


  • How can I clean sticky or greasy residue off my griddle?
  • How can I clean rust off my griddle?
  • What is the best way to clean stubborn stains from the griddle?
  • Griddle is discolored
  • Griddle gummy substance when doing burn-in with oil; new griddle appears to have a coating on it
  • How to clean vent behind griddle?


Use this video or instructional steps to clean a Wolf Griddle.

Wolf Griddle Quick Start and Care

Cleaning tips start at the 1:49 mark.

  1. Do not remove griddle for cleaning, clean it in place.
  2. Use a metal spatula with square corners to scrape grease and other debris into the collection tray.
  3. While the surface is warm, pour water on so that it bubbles, like deglazing a pan.
  4. Use a spatula to scrape off burnt-on food that bubbles up.
  5. Pour on more water.
  6. Use a green Scotch-Brite™ pad with a folded towel on top to protect your hand from any steam. This will scrape/scrub the griddle surface clean.
  7. When surface has cooled, wipe it with a paper towel to remove excess grease or oil.
  8. Once clean, spray or wipe on a small amount of peanut or vegetable oil to protect surface from oxidation.
  9. The vent behind the griddle can be cleaned by using Penny Brite. The vent cannot be removed.

To clean the collection tray after each use:

  1. Remove grease collection tray. Accumulated grease can be a fire hazard.
  2. Wash with soap and water.

To remove the seasoning occasionally:

  1. Pour 1/2 cup (120 ml) warm water and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) griddle cleaner onto the griddle.
  2. Scrape residue into the grease collection tray, then empty.
  3. When dry, reapply a small amount of oil for seasoning.


  • Cleaning removes sticky residue from initial burn-in or regular use.
  • If sticky residue appeared after burn-in, clean griddle with steps above and start the burn-in cycle over using less oil than the first time.
  • To remove grease on the griddle when new, before seasoning, clean the surface with soap and water, then season it again.
  • For stubborn stains:
  • Use the green Scotch-Brite™ pad with a mild abrasive cleaner, then rinse. It is normal for light scratches to occur with the Scotch-Brite™ pad.
  • Pumice or Griddle Stones can be used to clean the griddle.
  • If oxidation or rust (this is a natural process and is normal) appears on the griddle surface, clean it off with a fine grade steel wool.
  • Discoloration of the griddle surface is normal.
  • If the initial cleaning and burn-in was not completed, this can be done after use.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide and Wolf Cleaning Guide for further information.